YouTube — We Are The Creators

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Working with marketing agency Amplify, we designed a new identity, platform and series of events for the YouTube Brand Partner Programme – We Are The Creators. The events were designed as highly interactive, immersive and hands-on two day workshops.

As part of our design process we wrote the ‘We are the Creators’ manifesto, which became a forward facing mantra and rallying cry for both YouTube and the attending brand partners, with select lines from it being prominently displayed around the venue. The manifesto was designed to encourage and celebrate creativity and the possibilities within the world of YouTube.

For the initial instalment of the workshop the highly creative city of Lisbon was selected. We partnered local illustrators and street artists with the attending brands, creating an environment to empower and inspire greater creative thinking.


Lead agency: Amplify
Environment and Production: Matt Gates & Co.
Hero Illustrations: Vanessa Teodoro