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mHub is a digital workplace app, helping to collect, organise and share important information on mobile devices within a company or organisation. In the build up to launching a new version of their app they approached us to develop a new identity for their company, and by extension their main product.

The identity was based around the way that mHub connects different apps together, and enables connections within an organisation by giving everyone easy access to the same content no matter where they are. To show this we created an icon with a hidden ‘plus’ symbol inside it, and a suite of assets derived from the plus and idea of connections. We applied this concept across the whole brand identity, including selecting a new geometric typeface to sit inline with the wordmark, a fresh and digital-friendly colour palette, and a suite of assets such as an icon set and brochure templates. The new look and feel was also rolled out into the main app itself, covering everything from the loading animation to the user journey.