Google — Demo Day

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Demo Day, part of the Google for Entrepreneurs program, is a one day event giving 10 global start-ups the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges to receive additional funding. We were tasked with creating a cohesive aesthetic for the event, which was at risk of visual overload with 10 different logos in the mix.

Our approach was to bring a sense of tangibility to an event that would otherwise have a very digital focus by branding a bespoke wooden booth for each attending start-up, unifying them by applying just the core Google colour palette. The centre piece of the stage was a large wooden lightbox proudly showing the Google icon.

We also illustrated and animated a series of icons, signage and transitions to help guide the attendees through the proceedings, displayed on several large screens in the breakout area and on the main stage.


Lead agency: Amplify
Production: Made